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From what we've seen on gun customization. What do you think your favorite combination will be? Mine will probably be a high-caliber sniper with ammunition, non-laser/plasma. I would get attachments with distance and accuracy bonuses. Then later on a plasma variant sniper…
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— Also do you think there are going to be hidden/secret/legendary attachments that will give special perks/bonuses/attributes to your gun if you have the correct level(s) and you've found/earned said attachment? If so what do you think some of those attributes will be? Fire bullets, radiation rounds, a special sound when you draw, etc? :3

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  1. Revan 15 october 2015, 02:09 # 0
    Same here. I usually use a variety of weapons but I prefer sneaky sniper for long range, ninja SMG for close range, and shotgun and Assault Rifle for open engagements.
    1. Fives 15 october 2015, 02:11 # 0
      Since the modding system runs very deep I hope to make a powerfull silenced sniper maybe :)
      1. SmoothSkin111 15 october 2015, 03:04 # 0
        I'm going to craft the craziest weapons possible. Weapons that shouldn't exist cause they're just too out of this world.
        1. TheMadHatter 15 october 2015, 04:00 # 0
          Like the bayoneted triple tube rocket launcher that was found on a pip-boy picture ;O?
        2. Halic 15 october 2015, 03:13 # 0
          can't wait to actually try this out in the game.
          1. Senno 15 october 2015, 06:57 # 0
            I didn't like the UI for the gun customisation. The area showing each customisation was quite small, and seemed to be built for a controller. Still, I believe that can be fixed with modifications (UI mods are common). I like the idea of being able to customise the colour as well (especially my suit colour). And I think I want to be able to have specialised bullets, or specialised effects for guns. Like, if I'm going up against androids, I want something electric. If I'm going up against humanoids, I want something powerful, a good shotgun or assault rifle. And I want them customised for what they are best being used for.

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