What kind of Multiplayer mod would you like?

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Being able to play and quest together is fun — and there are some options for Skyrim in that category.

But what would work as a Fallout 4 multiplayer mod?

Maybe I've been playing a little too much MGS V: The Phantom Pain…

But I think base attacking could work.

Perhaps you could send a few raiders to attack a player's camp — and they would be required to defend it. I've seen in the E3 video that you can create a camp and place defences — so why not allow a multiplayer version of that? Able to send some raiders at someone's camp, and if they succeed (say, kill the camp commander), get some caps and scrap.

Another idea I had was something like a Tycoon game. Again, using the creation kind of archetype — what if you could actually send brahmin caravans across to other settlements owned by other players? What if those caravans could be raided by other players? I'm reminded of when Sim City was first announced that neighbouring cities could focus on one type of resource and other players could hook into that resource through trading. How about the same for Fallout 4? Only, you're sending out Brahmin Caravans, and maybe this city has lots of Ammo, and this one has lots of guns, and this one has lots of food, etc. And maybe you could send out caravans trading what you had, with a real-world (or game-time) length between getting your goods. And perhaps if you don't have good security, other players might be able to attack them.

Anyway, those are two ideas I have. I think there's plenty of ideas for mods, what would you like or hope to see?

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  1. Mitchhope 14 october 2015, 17:57 # 0
    Those are both good concepts and would fit into the feel of the game. The only one I could think of would be something like Dark Souls where you can get a mercanary perk and invade people with good karma or get a regulator perk and invade people with bad karma. This way it doesn't screw over low levels because it means that there is a bare minimum level which people have to get to.
    1. Whalwing25 14 october 2015, 18:56 # 0
      That would be amazing!
    2. Senno 14 october 2015, 18:25 # 0
      Yes, of course. I've been going into to many FOB's on MGS V.
      1. Sam 14 october 2015, 18:31 # 0
        Honestly id rather be a part of tge raiding party myself...be a hellofa karma drop but id enjoy myself haha
        1. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 22:35 # 0
          None. Just for the sole reason Bethesda isn't going to make it multiplayer and any modder that makes a 'multiplayer like' mode will probably fail. It takes a serious amount of time and work, which even then doesn't guarantee that it would work properly, hence skyrim multiplayer :/. It would be cool as co-op maybe, but only if it was bug-tested and such for 2 or so months; which wouldn't happen. Although now that I'm thinking about it… The base building/raider attack mechanic might have a mini-multiplayer game in it. If someone could make a good quality epic quest for epic loot style multiplayer game w/ bases; that might be interesting…
          1. Fives 15 october 2015, 02:16 # 0
            If any mod should be made it should be a base defence mod, build your base in the day and defend waves of enemys at night. it would ruin FO4 if freeroam was 2-P or more, The FO series has always been single hence the name: The Lone Wanderer and it is based of mad max who was also alone. But knowing FO players there most likely will be a 2-P or more freeroam mod.
            1. Senno 15 october 2015, 07:42 # 0
              I'm not saying that the game should allow us all to play in the same worldspace — and any mod that attempts that is probably going to be crushed under it's own ambition. But something on a smaller scale, such as what I suggested, could work.
            2. GSR 16 october 2015, 01:22 # 0
              Mulitiplayer just creates problems and takes away focustomers of the overall game

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