Do you think Fallout 4 will have multiplayer?

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Does anybody else think that Fallout 4 might have some sort of multiplayer functionality which bethesda haven't said anything about and has kept it as a surprise?

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  1. Fives 14 october 2015, 15:58 # 0
    Umm its already been confirmed that multiplayer will not be in FO4 but they did consider doing it.
    1. Mitchhope 14 october 2015, 16:01 # 0
      I can't remember see that anywhere I will have to have another look. But how long do you think it will be for somebody to create a multiplayer mod.
    2. Senno 14 october 2015, 16:31 # 0
      Multiplayer had been considered — and decided against. Fallout 4 is a single-player game.
      1. Mitchhope 14 october 2015, 16:37 # 0
        Yeah I'm glad to be honest. I've had multiple arguments with my friend about it because he said it would be so much better if it was an MMO but I think that would ruin the feel of the game because of how desolate and lonely it is meant to be.
        1. Sam 14 october 2015, 18:22 # -1
          I have to agree...the single wanderer of the wasteland is a really big part of these games but with the settlement Creator the idea of multiplayer could be fun
          1. Senno 14 october 2015, 18:28 # 0
            I actually made a thread discussing the possibility and some of the ideas I have for multiplayer mods for Fallout. I am of the belief that the game doesn't require multiplayer.

            It's worth noting that at one point a Fallout MMO was considered — even being developed, before it was cancelled. Bethesda has turned their single player Elder Scrolls series into a MMO game, so who's to say they may not try to make a Fallout MMO, or multiplayer title in the future?

            They've opined that it is something they've attempted, or at the very least considered.
            1. Sam 14 october 2015, 18:35 # -1
              Yeah i just found your other post haha but we will se whats in store
      2. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 22:39 # 0
        No. Maybe an epic quest for epic loot kind of expansion on the base building… but nothing beyond that.
        1. SmoothSkin111 15 october 2015, 03:07 # 0
          Multiplayer should never exist in a Fallout or Elders Scrolls game. The reason those games are so fantastic is because of the single player stories, side quests and lore. Multiplayer just doesn't suit those types of games. Only way Fallout would get a multiplayer component is if they make it a separate entity like Elders Scrolls Online, but I don't see that happening. ESO was a disappointment.
          1. Micha 21 october 2015, 13:06 # 0
            There's different types of multiplayer though.

            MMO — please god no! But having friends join your game to play as the followers is an interesting idea and would certainly circumvent the AI issues (unless your friends want to grief you of course).

            Alternatively a true co-op mode, but that would only work if the game is co-op from start to finish. So no jumping in and out of games. You'd either play the co-op game with all players present, or not at all. But that would be seriously difficult from a story/game balance perspective as everything would need to be written/scripted multiple ways depending on how many players are in the game. Still, there've been games that have pulled this off in the past.
            1. Mitchhope 21 october 2015, 13:11 # 0
              Multiplayer is still multiplayer and it would still ruin the feel and atmosphere of the game. Also I have never played a completely co-op game that wasn't a complete pain in the ass. Resident Evil= Laggy as shit, Lost Planet=glitchy as shit, Dead Rising 2=glitches out quests due to different story progression between the people playing, etc.
          2. Halic 15 october 2015, 04:31 # 0
            hard to say if i'd like to see multi in Fallout 4 or not might be interesting to see it though.
            1. GSR 15 october 2015, 19:29 # 0
              hope not. Thats where the death of story driven games start

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