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Will the wanderer gain agro if we work with a faction against a rival faction like in FONV?
I think this is entirely possible because of the town placements across Boston and of course the BoS. Say I work with raiders attacking a small town and I help them with stuff, the towns-people will hate me more and more if I continue to work against them and eventually they will kill me on sight. the raiders however might grant me a special abilite or gear for helping them out. Please share you ideas on this subject as I think it will impact Boston greatly!

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  1. Mitchhope 14 october 2015, 14:14 # 0
    I liked when this was in New Vegas but I hated the faction armor system because my favorite armor in the game was the NCR Ranger combat armor and as soon as I put it on everyone hates me. If they have implamented it into Fallout 4 I hope it has an option whether or not you can be recogised or if it only effects the helmet.

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