What are people most worried about in Fallout 4?

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Mitchhope Rating: 330.10
Personally the biggest things I'm worried about are the Power Armour mechanics where it looks like an exoskeleton which isn't like normal armour, the base building mechanics and the flyable Vertiberd.

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  1. Whalwing25 13 october 2015, 14:48 # 0
    Great question! I am a little worried about the feel of game.
    1. Revan 13 october 2015, 17:23 # 0
      Worried about the lore and story…
      1. Sam 13 october 2015, 19:55 # 0
        Story. But also my biggest wory is going to be the death tole when i actually start playing. Havent really allowed my doubts to creap in yet haha
        1. Fives 13 october 2015, 22:33 # 0
          I'm worried if the Deathclaws are going to be to OP without power armor, same as Yao gui's
          1. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 05:10 # 0
            I'm not worried about anything. IMO, no one should be worried about anything. The launch may or may not go without a hitch, but after that, it's game time. Also, anything that's majorly wrong Bethesda will probably fix it. If not there's always mods. *Edit: Vanilla game Hardcore mode would be great. :d
            1. Fives 14 october 2015, 05:59 # 0
              I am also a bot worried if the enemys at the start of the game will be a challenge right away, cause in fallout 3 I first came across a raider infested town full of mines and flamers, wasn't much fun!
              1. Senno 14 october 2015, 16:28 # 0
                1. Mitchhope 14 october 2015, 16:30 # 0
                  Nah man in Bethesda games the glitches are the best part
                  1. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 22:57 # -2
                2. joden 15 october 2015, 02:23 # 0
                  I agree with being worried about the Power Armor, but more because of the weight factor. In 3 and NV I always went with Combat Armor so I could horde more stuff per trip. If the Power Armor takes up too much carry weight, I might be missing out on a huge crafting line.
                  1. SmoothSkin111 15 october 2015, 02:56 # 0
                    I'm worried I'm not gonna have enough time to play it :( Life can get pretty busy for many people and only enables some to put a couple hours into gaming a day. When it comes to the actual game, I'm not really worried at all. I believe in Bethesda.
                    1. Mitchhope 15 october 2015, 10:42 # 0
                      I work 9-5 every day I get up at 6:30 to get the train to work for 8:30 but I don't get home from work till 7

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