Guesses of possible companions

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I personally think there will be a childhood friend, codsworth, and maybe a mutant or two but those are just the possibilities I've come up with so far anyone else have a guess?

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  1. Fives 13 october 2015, 02:56 # 0
    Would be nice if the Lone wandere encountered Fawkes again. and maybe a Mr.Gusty model if we fix the one at the start of the game?
    1. Green Gustavo 13 october 2015, 03:37 # 0
      Ooooo that'd be nice
      1. TheMadHatter 15 october 2015, 01:42 # 0
        There is a Super Mutant helping/following the lone survivor in one of the videos. The one where they're on an elevator with grenades n' stuff. Also yeah, I think you're going to be able to upgrade Codsworth later in the game :)
      2. GSR 13 october 2015, 07:50 # 0
        I know your robot at the beginning is infact a companion
        1. TheMadHatter 15 october 2015, 01:43 # 0
          Yer, you are correct good sir!
        2. Mitchhope 13 october 2015, 17:54 # 0
          You can pretty much guarantee there is going to be some sort of super mutant follower. However I think there may be either a Brotherhood of Steel follower or an Enclave follower. Because in the gameplay trailer it shows a part where the main character is attacking a vertibird.
          1. Sam 13 october 2015, 19:57 # 0
            Its doubtfull but the mysterious stranger haha
            1. TheMadHatter 15 october 2015, 01:43 # 0
              heu heu. Yeah, maybe. What if he's been a synth this whole time?! and that was him in the picture?! Ahh conspiracies!
            2. TheMadHatter 15 october 2015, 01:40 # 0
              A deathclaw named Mr. Cuddlesworth would be cool, late game of course.

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