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Good afternoon Fallout 4 fans!

Let me introduce myself. My nickname is Razor. I am administrator of this website and forums. I would like to welcome you here and I hope that this website will be useful for you.

Many players from all over the world are looking forward to play Fallout 4. The game will be amazing. Our website Fallout4.wiki is a place where game fans are able to find a lot of different information about this game. We hope that our site will become your #1 source of information and guides.

The game will be released soon and I would like to welcome you at our forums. These forums is a place where Fallout 4 fans can communicate and help each other. Here you can discuss, ask questions and share your opinions.

Pay attention: We also have dedicated “Errors and Bugs” forum thread where you can ask for help if you have problems with running the game. This section may help you in future.

Forum Rules
Our general rule is: be polite and respect opinions of other players. You are free to discuss things and share your opinion. But don’t be too aggressive and don’t offend other forum members.


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  1. Revan 25 september 2015, 03:36 # +1
    I have to say, I am very impressed with this website. A lot of information. A lot of effort put into this. I'll be sure to shout you out in a future video (with your permission), this site needs more exposure :)
    1. Razor 25 september 2015, 10:13 # +1
      Thanks for kind words Revan! Yes, I put a lot of time into the site and I am going to continue improving it. I want this website to become #1 resource for Fallout 4 players.

      The website really needs more promotion. I am going to start promoting it soon. I will be happy if you mention Fallout4.wiki in your video! You have great channel, I have great website :) Let’s help each other :)
    2. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 04:45 # 0
      Hello, salutations and thank you. I've just decided to make an account and don't know what to think of it as of yet… But I do have one thing to say. Is there a sort of 'welcome new users' forum thread? I couldn't find one. Forums usually have one. Also, It would be kind of better in my opinion, if there was separate page with all the top topics, forum topic groups, admin forum posts, ect in a webpage link. That would be the 'forum' tab, instead of a drop-down menu. Not just being in a tab and on the front page. Being in web development for years that's just how I've seen and made forums. Also getting into Info. Security, you sending an email with the password isn't a good idea. If I find any more tweaks that are appropriate I could post here again or wherever is appropriate. Just trying to help :)
      1. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 05:04 # 0
        Never mind. The more I move around, the more natural it feels. An interesting layout, somethings are missing here and there. Overall, great job! Give the Web dev. a pat on the back :). Also, do you have or are you willing to have a Fallout/Fallout 4 teamspeak? I think that would be a great idea!
        1. Razor 14 october 2015, 10:00 # 0
          Thank you for your thoughts about how to structure forums. I am also thinking about this almost every day. On my opinion such layout is rather comfortable to use. Anyway any feedback may help to make the site better! You may leave your feedback in this topic. I am the web dev here))))

          About the security. I don’t think that sending e-mail and pass is a problem. But on the other hand it isn't really necessary to send e-mail. So I will fix that.
          1. Razor 14 october 2015, 10:00 # 0
            About TeamSpeak: I always thought that TS is mostly for coordinating actions in MOBAS, MMOS and online shooters. But if the community wish to communicate using TS – why not.
            1. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 21:53 # 0
              Hi again,
              Well I've found a slight problem :/. There should be a 'check box' or something else in profile settings, to toggle email notifications. It's getting annoying receiving an email every time someone comments on a post :|. Also, under 'password' in Profile settings, there is something with the title 'Str' and it has the same description as 'Username' with the number '4' in it. I don't know what it is, so I can't tell if it's broken or not.
              1. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 22:26 # 0
                I do see the 'notify me about new comments' on the thread, but even if it is not checked it still sends notifications…
                1. Razor 14 october 2015, 22:58 # 0
                  About notifications: you receive notification every time someone replies to your comment. Right now you can’t switch it off. You are the first who complain. I will think about adding such checkbox.

                  The checkbox “Notify about new comments” allow to subscribe or unsubscribe to new comments in topic…
                  1. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 23:17 # 0
                    An 'in site' notification button on the top right next to your profile or something like that would be more useful. It could also contain your 'starred' topics, who knows. Also if your working on a 'profile page' i do not know, but that's always nice on websites with forums, discussions and such. Where you can comment on a person(s) page. Also where all your notification, profile, signature, forum, etc. settings are.
                2. Razor 14 october 2015, 22:49 # 0
                  Str = Strength. I forgot to remove the field. Thanks.
                  1. TheMadHatter 14 october 2015, 23:29 # 0
                    Also, if you want you can spitball ideas at me and I would be glad to help! I have no problem with brainstorming or giving some opinions. I've made many-a-site and helped with them too. I'm no longer doing web development though… I'm in Information Security and Digital Forensics field now. I have Net+, Sec+, A+, MTA certs and I am HTML proficient. I'm just all over the place! I like to learn new things. I'm currently grinding out subnetting and routing/switching. Then its on to the basics of linux, C#/++, Java and python again. But I am here to help, if you need it!
                    1. Razor 14 october 2015, 23:46 # 0
                      Thanks a lot for offering help! I will keep in mind your skills.
                      1. TheMadHatter 15 october 2015, 00:00 # 0
                        Another good component to have would be some way, either a page or a side banner that has all online members. It would be nice to see who you can talk to.
          2. Senno 15 october 2015, 06:54 # +1
            I'm impressed with the website too. The database is looking good, the forums are interesting — and I like the character builder. Happy to be here.
            1. Razor 15 october 2015, 13:35 # 0
              Thanks for kind words. The site is made for you guys! I am still improving it and will continue doing this later.

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