Power Armor

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If I'm fighting someone and they jump in power armor and I kill them, can I still get the armor?

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  1. Mitchhope 01 february 2016, 16:05 # +1
    If they're in Power Armour the only way to get it is to shoot the power cell and it will eventually explode then he will exit the frame but there is a high chance that the parts will be destroyed and will have to be repaired.
    1. Jonwar9 The Ultimate Gamer 11 february 2016, 21:58 # 0
      Also, if you kill them they drop it on their body but it will be damaged
      1. BoSKNiGhT 08 march 2016, 10:44 # 0
        Damaged peices only cost roughly 4 steel to fix each piece. So a full set of armor with damage to each piece gonna cost you about 24-28 pieces of steel plus scrap circuitry to complete repairs on the torso.

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