Fallout 4 NPC Hit List

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Tacoslayer99 Rating: 3.10
So when fallout new Vegas was released I had created a challenge for some friends which ended up turning into a full on Competition between at least 30 people, the challenge was simple I compiled a list of 30 — 40 different NPC's that were non influential and at least 10 that were influential (For those who have played non-influential characters would include characters like Easy Pete in Goodsprings, and Influential characters would include characters like Mjr. Joseph Polatti in Camp Forlorn Hope) How ever, as Fallout 4 was just relased I was looking for a list of NPC's with their locations but have been unable to find anything worth while, If anyone has a link or a list of NPC's I can add to the list I would love for you guys to link them or comment them. The sooner I complete the new list the sooner you guys can join in the fun!

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