Is this really a wiki? How to edit articles?

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So how does this really work?

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  1. Razor 23 november 2015, 09:51 # 0
    This wiki is supported by admins. Members can’t edit articles directly. If you wish to add something, leave your information in comments.

    Members can submit pages into some areas like Weapons, Apparel, Quests.
    1. Ek1 24 november 2015, 10:12 # 0
      Based on Wiki's definition and your response the answer seems to be no. Shame really. The URL is great and I was looking for a alternative for wikia.
      1. Razor 24 november 2015, 10:32 # 0
        I don’t think that it’s a shame. If this site was built on traditional wiki engines it would be 100% similar to other wikis… But I decided to choose engine with better development flexibility. Yes, it’s not traditional wiki engine, but it has its advantages.

        Anyway if you wish to contribute we can discuss this question. There is nothing impossible…
        1. Ek1 24 november 2015, 11:54 # 0
          Hmm sounds interesting. Past 10 years I have grown quite bored with the mediawiki's limitations so sounds intriguing. What is this running on? Your own code?
          1. Razor 24 november 2015, 12:38 # 0
            This site is built on my favorite CMF, it’s rather flexible and allows doing a lot of cool things. But it’s not wiki engine.
            1. Ek1 24 november 2015, 17:55 # 0
              Well it's not about the engine part. 90% of the visitors on the site are not going to edit anything and from the remaining 10% of editors 95% would care less what on the site is running. It is more about the 'collaborative modification of its content and structure' definition of that wiki part.
              Learning CMOS would be nice but I would also push the collaborative side forward.
          2. Ek1 28 november 2015, 17:42 # 0
            Sooo whats happens next?
        2. Twisted 24 november 2015, 11:38 # 0
          Advantage compared to a normal wiki imo, people can't litter crap on here as it's controlled.
          So not having to read walls to get the info that you seek.
          For other things, hit the forum with Q&A, seems to be working very well :).
          1. Ek1 24 november 2015, 12:00 # 0
            They neither can cut the crap nor extend things.
            Reading walls of text, like in nukapedia, is more of a policy problem and well being stupid enough to combine nine games in same wiki space. Having WoT has it times and places but they are quite rare when article is written from an objective point of view.
            1. Razor 24 november 2015, 12:39 # 0
              We have what we have. There are advantages and disadvantages. Anyway the site will not move to traditional Wiki engine :)
              1. Ek1 24 november 2015, 17:57 # 0
                No one is suggesting such a move. (Or I am been blocked from some posts?).

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