I need a little clarification about a quest.

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So I got the defend a settlement quest for Oberland Station. For that quest, as you all know, you have to go take care of the raiders in the Back Street apparel. After that, you go and talk to the settlers in Oberland, followed by speaking to Preston Garvey. The problem is, I've completed every step of this quest outside of speaking to Garvey. Any time I try talking to him to complete the quest, he just gives me normal dialogue options, and the part of the quest that says I have to talk to him is now gray. Also, I cannot seem to deactivate the quest. Any idea what I might have done wrong?

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  1. Razor 21 november 2015, 12:30 # 0
    It looks like it's a bug.
    1. Twisted 23 november 2015, 12:14 # 0
      Have the same with defending the farm right of Sanctuary.
      Can't activate the quest and Preston keeps giving me the normal dialog.
      When showing up on the farm, business as usual, no enemies in sight.

      And on a side note keeps calling me babe… Highly annoying…
      And there is something about «I've always got your back» that makes me resent to have him tag along lol.

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