New building methods: No clipping and floating objects+

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This method works almost like it was an intentional feature to remove clipping on some or all grouped buildings.

I figured this out after a lot of pissing around with no clip mode and resetting the build area with fast traveling etc, I finally come up with this quick method to smartly remove any clipping. If your not already building with this method your wasting a lot of time! can be used in conjunction with other no clip methods.

— Remove clipping- Objects or grouped objects:

Here are the steps to remove clipping on certain objects or grouped objects: (Please let me know if this needs a video tutorial)

1, Activate no clipping mode in the console Press ` then type tcl.
2, You are now in no clip mode, and any item you build, pick up and cancel, or re-position and drop will have its clipping temporarily disabled until you re-activate it by exiting no clipping (tlc) mode.
3, To quickly reset clipping all objects clipping just activate tlc then exit console then activate it again immediately after. (I have a script in my Xbox controller profile that resets it in 2sec.)

Ok so that's the basics, there are some things that get it running smoother:

In tcl mode you will be able to fly in any direction making building a lot easier and I highly suggest you be in 1st person view.
You need to make sure you remove the clipping on all objects in a wires path if you want it to connect.
building small floors is a great way to build a scaffolding type temporary surface to build on and if you need a higher one try placing the stairs with a platform, and build from that.

— Floating objects- Safely delete foundation blocks without their attached objects:

If you want to build high with no clipping or make objects float:

1, First remove clipping on all objects in the immediate build area.
2, Build a concrete block and go as high as you need, build on top of it as desired.
3, SAFELY DELETE AND SAVE BEFORE USING: Press `and open console, click on the object you want to disable/delete and then type disable and press enter. This will remove the foundation block and all objects will be floating.
4, Tcl wont toggle anymore until you fix it and to fix it, you need to open the console then double click any 1 object to deselect all objects in console mode, then tcl will be operating again as normal.

— Extras:

I'm working on a decent Xbox controller profile that already allows simultaneous keyboard controller use and features for build mode that incorporate a lot of the build tricks I have come up with over the last week, I'll release it if people show interest: Floating objects, auto clipping switch, button assisted intricate

positioning of objects, add item scripts and god mode assigned to buttons plus lots more. I much prefer building with a controller the joysticks are amazing for fine tuning.

I'm looking for a highly motivated and obsessive build team who strive for quality. Please message me if you know of a good team in need of a skill level designer, I do up scaled textures, level design/building and audio sfx and dialog voicing.

I'll be uploading some vids of my other intricate build techniques in the near future if this thread gets any attention.

Please let me know of any build tricks you have got so i can let others know via this post.

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