Super Mutant Behemoths

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DMac1984 Rating: 37.40
I've run across 2 thus far. Has anyone else been really disappointed in the loot you get after taking them on?

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  1. Razor 17 november 2015, 11:08 # 0
    Yes, I was disappointed a little bit. This guy is rather tough and difficult to take down. But the reward is not the best.
    1. UnrealInstinc 17 november 2015, 18:10 # 0
      I think there is a special behemoth with a name of «swan»? But one of his loots is a power fist that looks like it has a block of cement on the end with rebar coming out of it.
      1. Mitchhope 17 november 2015, 18:24 # 0
        It's next to Hubris comics in the middle of a lake called «Swan's Lake» and it drops the Furious Power Fist which does more damage for each hit on an enemy. For example after you've hit an enemy 5 times the next hit would do more damage then it would be after 2 hits. It's kinda op with its base damage and its attack speed. But I don't think he's a behemoth because he is only a little bit bigger then a normal super mutant.
        1. DMac1984 17 november 2015, 23:53 # 0
          Yes, Swan was one of the ones I faced. But there was another that dropped 2 pieces of average armor and some .38 caliber ammo.

          It used to be that you would get a mini nuke everytime you killed one.

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