How to get Maxson outfit?

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I'll say now just incase Possible spoilers ahead

Now I sided with the BOS and was hoping that Maxson would die at some point in the battle with the institue but he didn't. So I tried to kill him while in battle and he is one of the types that doesn't die. Is their anyway possible that you can get his outfit. I don't know why but it's awesome and people on pc have said it's a very good armor. So any ideas?

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  1. Razor 17 november 2015, 11:15 # 0
    Maybe there is a way to pickpocket his armor?

    Pickpocket [Perk] Rank 4: Picking pockets is now twice as easy, and you can steal equipped items.

    (I am not sure if it's possible to steal armor. Just an assumption)
    1. GSR 17 november 2015, 16:04 # 0
      Worth a shot. Not like a mini nuke to the head does it
    2. GSR 19 november 2015, 00:11 # +1
      Update, pickpocketin is not an option for maxson sadly

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