Random Encounters!!!

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What Random Encounter have you come across? I personally have only come across the wounded dog which is when you find a wounded mongrel, heal it, and give it a name, and it might help you in battle.

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  1. DMac1984 17 november 2015, 06:13 # +1
    I came across 2 identical men in the woods, one pointing a gun at the other who was on his knees. Both were claiming that the other was a synth that was trying to replace him and steal his family. You can decide there fate in a couple of ways. It was actually kinda funny.
    1. Mitchhope 17 november 2015, 12:16 # 0
      I haven't encountered many that I can think of apart from the Chem sellers. Later I will upload the exact text about Random Encounters as it is said in the Prima Strategy guide. From what I remember there are about 40 total.

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