What's your funniest situation?

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There is a topic about FUBAR situation. I would like to ask you guys about funny situations. I bet you had a situation that made you laugh or just smile. Share it with us.

My situation: I was low level guy and I was sneaking near Boston for the first time. I saw 4 green “Shreks” patrolling the territory. I wasn’t sure if they are hostile… Suddenly they noticed me and one of them started to run towards me with something beeping in his hands. I thought he decided to give me a cookie:) But he bombed me and my dogmeat)))

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  1. Twisted 16 november 2015, 13:32 # 0
    For now, Dogmeat standing on the tip of his nose, actually a few times.

    The suicidebomber happened to me too, trying to test my rifle against a SM, lost him out of sight and out of nowhere got flanked by one.
    1. UnrealInstinc 16 november 2015, 19:54 # 0
      I was working on my defenses in sanctuary when all of a sudden a vertibird zipped past my face with a person in it yelling:" we were orderd to.." And it smashed into the ground! In the wreckage there was a dead brotherhood of steel initiate on the ground. With no idea of what happened I saved the game and continued on. I recorded what happened and in the video I have no idea how i didn't Se the giant vertibird spinning straight at my face.
      1. failspark 17 november 2015, 06:58 # +1

        So I had been playing for five hours straight and I was sneaking up on this guy, you know going in for the kill, when he began to stand up. I killed him as he was in the middle of this animation and this was the result. Best glitch yet and I promise no spoilers!
        1. gemandi_jewelry 02 january 2016, 12:57 # 0
          Thanks for the lol!
        2. Mitchhope 17 november 2015, 12:09 # 0
          For me it is when I was just exploring locations and registering them on my map and I found a mole rat nest. Turns out a Suicide mole rat came up from underneath. I will upload the video of it later today.
          1. Whalwing25 17 november 2015, 18:45 # +1
            I was doing the retirement home in Salem where you have to find keys. So as I was searching I got ambushed by like 7 synths and I had shit for ammo and was like level 13. I had to run around the retirement MacGyver-ing traps to survive. I forget about one of my traps, stepped on it and died.
            1. sveer 04 december 2015, 16:49 # 0
              I sued fly 'mode from' the fallout 4 trainer xD

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