What do you do if you spend a lot of ammo / aid in battle?

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What do you do if you spend a lot of ammo / aid in battle? Do you honestly roleplay and not load saved games if you spent too much ammo/aid or you prefer to load the last saved game and fight once again in order to spend less ammo/aid.

What do you do if you spend a lot of ammo / aid in battle?

I am honest roleplayer! I don't load.
I am not a roleplayer. I use saved games to fight once again.

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  1. Razor 15 november 2015, 11:53 # 0
    As for me I always try not to load the game. But sometimes there were situations when I used previous saves :) So I am not an honest roleplayer ))))
    1. Whalwing25 15 november 2015, 16:17 # 0
      I usually feel disgusted that I had to use so much ammo. Desperate times call for desperate measures and when you are surrounded by high level raiders and raiders wearing power armor, those 4 fat man shots just come naturally.
    2. Twisted 16 november 2015, 11:33 # 0
      Not quite sure how big of an issue this is going to get with ammo, but am now level 10 and have about 350+ 10mm bullets and 450+ .45 bullets(if I'm correct, for the assault rifle). Seems more than enough for me for a scavenging trip.

      But OT: never reload save games, only for hacking terminals.
      1. Nechrom 16 november 2015, 16:30 # 0
        Resources such as ammo and health supplies are not an issue for me so I never see a reason to load saves as long as I survive.
        I'm rolling deep in 230+ stimpacks and 60+ radaway with for all intents and purposes unlimited ammo. I have so many guns and pieces of gear stocked up that I can't be bothered selling, so if I should run low on something I'll just do a trip past a few vendors without even denting my stockpile of stuff.

        Maybe it's just my play style of picking up valuable stuff all the time and hoofing it back to drop it off every now and then which affords me that luxury, but I never feel that supplies are a problem in Bethesda's Fallout games.
        Harder difficulty only makes individual engagements more difficult, but if you make it through alive it's all the same.
        1. Mitchhope 17 november 2015, 12:07 # 0
          I only ever reload if somebody who was with me has died. Like if a settler has died during an invasion attempt then I will reload.

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