Companions no longer showing up

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I had all my companions at the castle settlement, but not when I dismiss them to go there it's dulled out and they end up showing up at the original location you get them. Why is this happening? Is my base to full or what?

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  1. Razor 15 november 2015, 11:56 # 0
    I don't have any idea. Did you try to send companion to the location where there is «free space»? Is the result the same?
    1. GSR 15 november 2015, 23:23 # 0
      Well it's started working again now it stopped. I've tried freeing space and even removing people and nothing. Maybe it's a time thing?
    2. Mitchhope 17 november 2015, 12:05 # 0
      It's dulled out because you've reached the max amount of settlers for the settlement. You can free up space by going into workshop mode and click your equivalent of the Square button the playstation controller while your reticle is over a settler and chose where to move them. This may take a couple of minutes to register and just fast travel somewhere and back to get it to register quickly.

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