How do you find lost companions?

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I lost my DOG at sanctuary. I just did a quick trade and equipped him with armor, and now he is not by his dog box anymore.

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  1. Razor 15 november 2015, 11:39 # 0
    Did you find your Dogmeat? He may be near the Red Rocket gas station. I also lost my dog yesterday and I found him walking near Red Rocket gas station. But he appeared there after some time, not immediately.
    1. UnrealInstinc 16 november 2015, 19:59 # 0
      When I was switching companions, I told piper to go to sanctuary, which is were I was, and didn't think anything of it. Many enemies killed later I returned to sanctuary looking to reunite with piper and she was nowhere to be found. I searched all of my settlements and she wasent at any of them. I ended up just reverting my save to back when I last had her.

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