What's your most FUBAR situation so far

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Myself I was in the far south region fighting a deathclaw in the middle of a radiation storm, when I also got attacked by a legendary feral ghoul and his minions and two rad scorpions. Would anyone blame me for running lol. I did eventually survive thanks to my epic double barrel and alot of stimulus paks

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  1. BigsDarklight 13 november 2015, 13:42 # 0
    Was clearing Corvega Plant and had hacked the droid and left it killing, only to go and destroy a turret, killed turret with frag grenade that caused me to become stuck on a table in corner (GLITCHED) and the droid had cleared rest but unable to finish as I was stuck on the feckin table so back for a reload.
    1. DMac1984 14 november 2015, 06:43 # 0
      A sentry bot that I didn't see started firing on me from the back as I was stepping out of my power armor.
      1. Twisted 16 november 2015, 11:41 # 0
        Lol that sentrybot is annoying.

        Quicksaved and never saw an enemy. The moment while returning to the game I hear a missile inbound…
        As I was about level 8 it killed me instantly.
        Not much of an issue, but forgot to save a normal savegame since leaving homestead. Hence Earlier save was about 20-30 minutes old…

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