Nick valentine glitch

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Raiderphil Rating: 5.50
Whenever I select Nick valentine for a companion instead of following me he just starts walking off to God knows where, nothing I have done seems to correct the problem. Is there a way to fix this at all or am i just totally screwed?

Own ps4

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  1. This is spata 05 may 2016, 22:41 # 0
    did you tried loading a Differnt save?
    1. Raiderphil 14 may 2016, 00:25 # 0
      1. This is spata 16 may 2016, 15:57 # 0
        then i got nothing
        1. Raiderphil 19 may 2016, 08:45 # 0
          I did do a glitch at one point for ya know points think that could be it? plus I just found out its all my companions except my atuomatrons.

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