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BigBird301 Rating: 4.90
Hello! I'm having a problem when crafting. Platform is Xbox One...I have created a number of settlements, so technique is not a problem. I can no longer build ANYTHING! Beds, water pumps, buildings, anything. Everything I try to place somewhere remains red and will not build. I have plenty of materials on hand. I can still mod weapons and armor, however. Any ideas?

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  1. Mitchhope 09 december 2015, 17:56 # 0
    Is the size of your settlements maxed out? You can check when you enter workshop mode in the top right.
    1. BigBird301 09 december 2015, 20:29 # 0
      Thanks for the reply; I had thought about that, so I went to the Starlight Drive-In (where no one currently lives) and tried to joy. I'm going to shuffle some people around and then level up a few times and see if it helps. BTW, wouldn't it be cool if we could name the people we move around? That way we could keep track of who goes where. Thanks again!

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