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I started having this bug after around level 25. Items and chests turn green when I approach them. This really takes away from the realism of the game! Is this happening to everyone?

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  1. Crazyman1066 30 november 2015, 01:38 # 0
    The reason that happen is probabley because you put a perk point into the scrapper perk letting items u tag to be highlighted in green which could also be in cases
    1. Gamedad 30 november 2015, 01:51 # 0
      Ugg. Your exactly right! I did do that. Thanks for the help.
      1. Nechrom 03 december 2015, 09:43 # 0
        If you wish to keep items tagged but not have them glow with that perk, then there is a mod for that:

        I haven't tested it myself, so I don't know how well it works.

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