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VAULT BOY Rating: 12.30
S.3 P.8 E.1 C.4 I.3 A.7 L.2

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  1. Blurshadow 09 november 2015, 17:50 # 0
    U should have at least I5 for basic «scraper» perk to get urself some materials just from the start.
    I`m not sure if u need S3 just from the start, cause it will give u «armorer» perk and i`m almost sure that u won't upgrade ur armor just from the very start of the game and according ur build u r going ranged/stealth/sniper combat, am i correct?
    1 of the bobbleheads for +1 to Perception u will find in Museum of Freedom in Concord u will have per 9 for Penetrator perk, yet donno the location of the rest stat bobbleheads, but there should be a bobbleheads for each stat, so think in advance.
    R u sure that it is good to have C4 at start? Maybe it is better to have C3 and L3 for «bloody mess»?
    1. VAULT BOY 10 november 2015, 00:51 # 0
      U r correct however who knows where to find all bobbleheads, n i kinda like to find them by meself. It could take me till the end of the game to run across the ones i want most.

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