Bethesda baning people that post spoilers

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there banning anyone who postes anything on the game

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  1. Mitchhope 02 november 2015, 17:45 # 0
    Good. They should be.
    1. Senno 04 november 2015, 10:58 # 0
      As they should. It's just wrong. We all want to experience the journey spoiler-free, right? That's what Bethesda wants too.
      1. failspark 05 november 2015, 00:38 # 0
        I get that posting spoilers is rude but at the same time if Bethesda couldn't keep it from getting leaked then the material is fair game. I don't want to be spoiled any more than the next guy but spoilers are inevitable for every mainstream game, you just have to pick and choose your viewing carefully.
        1. Senno 05 november 2015, 03:26 # 0
          Considering they got it this far, I'd say that's quite the achievement. As far as I know, the Quakecon footage hasn't yet surfaced either. Let us not forget the last Fallout game, Fallout Shelter, was announced and released on the same day and was a complete unknown. They know how to keep a game secret, and know how to keep a game under wraps until we can all enjoy it together. Unlike say, Ubisoft, who have had multiple titles revealed that have never come to fruition, or they announce their games way before they should, i.e. The Division. And a few people may have the game early and try and deride all the work and all the secrecy they've had, for years at this point. They're well within their rights to ban people from their website and issue copyright on any videos they've placed online. It shouldn't be about choosing our viewing carefully. It should be in trusting a developer, who really has never steered us wrong, in their vision for the franchise. From what we've seen officially, the series is in good hands.
        2. Senno 05 november 2015, 03:40 # +1
          ADDITION: According to some sources on the fallout 4 reddit community, these insidious players have actually gone ahead and spoilt the games story including it's ending. I highly recommend blacking out anyone you know who has the game on social media.

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