Crafting in Fallout 4 - Full Guide

Crafting in Fallout 4 is amazing! Todd Howard – Game director at Bethesda – said at E3 2015 that Fallout world is perfect for advanced crafting system. The game allows to modify armor, weapons and even build structures changing the world!


When you travel you can find and collect lot of different stuff. Different items are made of different materials. You can scrap items in the world for materials and use them to build the way you want. These materials are required for upgrading armor, weapon and for building.

Player’s goal is to collect as many materials as possible. This will allow to have enough resources for upgrades and for construction purposes.

How to Scrap?

There are 2 general ways for scrapping in Fallout 4. Both are useful and will help you to get enough materials.

  • Scrapping gear: weapon workbench and armor workbench allow to scrap items during crafting process. All you need is to select an item and select Scrap option in the bottom menu.
  • Scrapping Structures and world Objects: you need to activate special mode for this. Pay attention: this method works only in areas where building is allowed! To activate this mode you need to find crafting Workshop (Large red crafting station). Use the station and Workshop menu will appear. This menu allows to build and salvage stuff.

How to salvage entire house? This question is usually asked by those who saw gameplay presentation. During this presentation hero salvaged entire house with one click. You can also do this but only with destroyed houses. If the house is not entirely destroyed it can’t be salvaged.


Weapon and Armor

Weapon can be crafted and Modified at special Weapons Workbench. There are about 50 base weapons and over 700 modifications for those weapons! For example you can take a simple Laser Pistol and turn it into something completely new and deadly!

You can also modify your power armor. There is a special garage where you can modify it making it better. The garage was demonstrated in first Fallout 4 trailer.

Armor Crafting

Every modification costs resources and you need to have the mod in your inventory.


Building is one of the most interesting features of Fallout 4. The game allows player to rebuild a lot. For example you can Scrap a huge house and get a lot of different materials like Steel, Wood, Concrete, Rubber and so on.

You can scrap structures and then rebuild them somewhere else. Everything is in real time and you do all this right into the game.

How to find an area for building? Such areas are marked on your map. Open the map and see discovered areas. If you see the statistics of the settlement (Happiness, Population and so on) that means you can build there.

In order to start building you need to go to that area and find Workshop crafting station. Or you can just hold “V” button for several seconds and the workshop menu will appear. This menu allows you to salvage structures and objects. For example you can clear the territory, remove different junk and build what you want. When you salvage objects you receive resources! These materials will definitely help you later.

Developers want players to build and decorate! You can build a house for yourself and for your dog. You can even build a large city! You can plant food, build water wells and power generators for citizens.

Power generators will power things through switches that require power. Power generators allow to power different lamps and spotlights. They are also useful for defending the city…

The game allows you to create several settlements and even run trading caravans that will travel from one settlement to another.

Building is optional part of the game! Nobody forces you to do all that stuff but it’s one of the most advanced building systems in role-playing games that you have ever seen.


Building is not just for fun. You can place special Trading Stands in your city. These trading stands will not stay empty forever. Sooner or later it will attract trader NPCs with some cool stuff you can purchase.

Building some objects require player to reach certain rank first. For example a simple trading stand requires you to be Rank 3: Local leader. Right now there is no information about how rank system works.


The world in Fallout 4 is dangerous and full of enemies. Your city can be attacked any time and you have to protect it from raiders. The best way to do it is to build some structures and machines for defense.

You can place Machinegun Turrets, walls, special structures where your people can be safe and so on. It’s possible to place a big cannon which will be killing enemies in the area. It’s great that these machine guns and cannons will be used by NPCs and you will not have to control them. You just build and NPC occupies it and uses while someone attacks the city.

If the defense is organized properly, raiders will have no chances to kill citizens and destroy your city.

As you see Crafting in Fallout 4 offers a lot of interesting things to do. You will spend a lot of hours building structures and upgrading gear. The main goal of developers is to allow you to build the home where you want to live. And they provide a lot of tools for this. Fortunately, everything is easy to use and understand. You will have no problems with understanding crafting mechanics.

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  1. Fumbls 20 november 2015, 21:36 # 0
    Tube Flange

    Possibly the least useful item in the game. Found in various dark corners, unwanted and unloved.

    Locations: Corvega Assembly Plant had twenty five on a series of conveyor belts.

    Weight: 5
    Value: 2
    Resource: Steel (2)
    Appearance: Short rusty tube with four rounded flanges on one end and a threaded interior.

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