Companions: List and How to Find Lost follower

Companions are people, animals or robots who follow you around the wasteland. They will fight, pick things up and be another form of storage.

13 companions have been confirmed for Fallout 4 .

Title NPC's #ID
Cait 00079305
Codsworth 0001CA7D
Curie 00102249
Deacon 00050976
Dogmeat 0001D162
John Hancock 00022615
Nick Valentine 00002F25
Paladin Danse 0005DE4D
Piper 00002F1F
Preston Garvey 0001A4D7
Robert MacCready 0002A8A7
Strong 0003F2BB
X6-88 000E210A

How to find lost companion?

Unfortunately you can take only one companion with you. If you replace one follower with another you need to send your previous follower to one of the locations you have discovered, for example to Sanctuary Hills. You will be able to find this companion in that location later. This is how it should work…

But sometimes the companion doesn’t go to the location you selected for him / her and disappears. It becomes impossible to find him / her on the map. There is no tracking system for this in the game… Many players don’t know how to find lost companion and load previously saved games to make sure that the “friend” didn’t disappear. But that’s not the best way of solving the problem. All you need to find lost companion is to use console commands.

Here is a list of actions you need to perform to find the companion you have lost.

Open console by pressing ` button on your keyboard. (Usually under ESC key) and type one of following commands. Pay attention: the command consists of 2 lines. Press Enter after every line.

Title Console Command
Command to find lost Cait prid 00079305
moveto player
Command to find lost Codsworth prid 0001CA7D
moveto player
Command to find lost Curie prid 00102249
moveto player
Command to find lost Deacon prid 00050976
moveto player
Command to find lost Dogmeat prid 0001D162
moveto player
Command to find lost John Hancock prid 00022615
moveto player
Command to find lost Nick Valentine prid 00002F25
moveto player
Command to find lost Paladin Danse prid 0005DE4D
moveto player
Command to find lost Piper prid 00002F1F
moveto player
Command to find lost Preston Garvey prid 0001A4D7
moveto player
Command to find lost Robert MacCready prid 0002A8A7
moveto player
Command to find lost Strong prid 0003F2BB
moveto player
Command to find lost X6-88 prid 000E210A
moveto player

Comments (5)

  1. ThatBeastlyBo 13 november 2015, 21:03 # 0
    Paladin Danse and Nick Valentine can also be companions.
    1. Whalwing25 13 november 2015, 21:30 # 0
      I know, I will add them soon :)
    2. ThatBeastlyBo 13 november 2015, 22:11 # +1
      Forgot to mention if you do the main story with the brotherhood eventually Danse does something and it changes if you can have him as a companion or not depending on what you do.
      1. Zerom 17 november 2015, 23:21 # +1
        Super mutant «Strong» available as companian too.
        1. jbmonster10 26 november 2015, 18:57 # 0
          Can also post what actions they like and don't like, like if you kill a person in front of them, will it has negative or positive results?

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