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Armor is a very important part of your character’s gear in Fallout 4. It protects your character from incoming damage and allows to resist radiation. One of the most useful types of armor is Power Armor. It gives maximum protection and it allows to confront powerful enemies.

Though T-60 or X-01 Mk. II costumes are one of the best you can make them much better by upgrading them with Armor Mods. This guide will tell you everything about modifying power armor.


Every modification requires definite amount of materials. Armor upgrades require the same resources you use for Weapon Modification. Where to take materials? All objects in Fallout 4 world can be scrapped for resources. You need to travel and scrap different objects. There are no special materials for Armor Crafting only. All materials are used for building, crafting, upgrades and so on.

As you see resource management is very important. You will have to make a decision about which modification to apply.


You can modify your power armor in special Garage. The first official Fallout screenshot and demo video show this garage with Power Armor inside. Right now there is no information about how to access this garage and where it can be built. It looks like you will have to find a Garage somewhere in the world and rebuild in near your own house.

The screenshot below demonstrates how the Garage looks and shows Armor Crafting menu.

Armor Mods

Here is a list of the actions you can do in your garage:

  • You can Equip the armor for using it in battle. Press X button for this.
  • You can Repair the current piece of armor. If the piece is heavily damaged it will not serve you as a good damage shield. Always keep your gear repaired.

  • You can Modify current piece by pressing A button. Mods make gear better and sometimes unlock new possibilities.

What’s the difference between Weapon crafting and Armor Crafting? You can always scrap the weapon you have in your inventory. But it looks like you can’t scrap parts of the power armor.


Every piece of Armor has definite number of Mod Slots. You can place different modifications in these slots. Upgrading is a very important part of gameplay! When you upgrade gear it protects your hero much better. Some modifications also give additional boost to your attributes. For example they can give bonus to hero’s strength.

Different pieces of Armor have different characteristics. Some are better for resisting radiation and others are better for resisting physical damage. You will have to decide what pieces you can use.

Each Set consists of 6 pieces: Helmet, Right Hand, Torso, Left Hand, Right Leg, Left Leg. Each piece can be modified independently. You can apply different mods to different pieces. Such system allows to tweak your gear according to your playing style and requirements.

One of the greatest things is that you can mix different parts of gear in your set. For example you can equip T-45b Helmet, T-45b Right Leg, T-51b Left Arm, T-51b Left Leg and T-60 Torso. That’s great for customization.

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