Chem Box

Chem Box
Small yellow metal box containing random chems (Buffout, Jet, Mentats; drugs), usually owned by a junkie or dealer. Covered in what appears to be blood.

Deep within the bowels of the Federal Ration Stockpile a peculiar workstation can be found. Around a small trolley are several broken First Aid and Chem Boxes along with buckets of Red and yellow paint as well as paintbrushes. A «CAUTION! WET PAINT!» sign has been placed in front of the setup. Upon closer comparison, Chem and First Aid boxes are the same model just with different coloring. Considering the red and yellow paint matching the yellow and «blood» splattered boxes and the unique(?) sign it would seem that these widely used boxes are the handiwork of a single group of raiders. Perhaps they sell their drugs in them? This can all be found near the stockpile room itself and should be hard to miss.

Where to buy Chem Box?

Here is a list of NPC traders who sell this item.

NPC trader Location

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